Car Deep CleanING in Manchester

Our deep cleaning is a great starting point for those who want to clean, as well as care for, their cars. This service ensures that the exterior of your car is in great condition and restored to its former glory. However, if you are also looking at the interior of your car and wanting a complete solution, this is where our deep clean service comes in.

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Car Deep Clean in Manchester

Need an interior fresh start like new, this is for you. A multi-stage exterior wash is also included.

Vulpix Detailing’s Deep Clean doesn’t just give a quick once over. We meticulously deep clean throughout the car’s interior.  

Starting with removal of all rubbish, note all personal items will be place in clear bags in safe storage.

Extensive vacuuming of all carpets including boot space, car mats and fabrics.


Our number one detailing cleaning agent will be applied to all carpets and fabrics.

Full Interior Steam-Cleaning this eliminates unwanted odors while also sanitizing your surfaces killing bacteria that can cause illness.

Premium leather treatment throughout.

Finished with our personal favourite interior dressing leaving a fresh deep cleaned result.

A multi-stage exterior wash is also included.

What is the deep clean service?

A deep cleaning service for your car ensures that your entire vehicle is catered for. We make a start with the exterior of your car where it is treated to a multi-stage wash. This sees each section of the exterior being cared for and each area receiving a variety of treatments and different stages. This goes from pre-cleaning up to finally sealing in the results and making them long-lasting.

With the exterior cared for, the deep clean also takes care of your car’s interior. Your car’s exterior is what everyone else sees, but you spend your time inside your car, so it is just as important that this is cared for too. The results of our deep clean service can see your car returning to a state of newness. It will not only look clean, but it will smell, and feel clean too.


Our deep clean process

Our deep clean service initially works through all that we have to offer in our multi-stage wash service. This sees the outside of your car gleaming and looking as though it has undergone a transformation. With the exterior taken care of, we then turn our attention to your car’s interior.  This sees us:

The deep clean service sees the interior of your car being catered for in the same way as the exterior. Throughout the process, we care for your car as if it were our own. Our attention to detail means that you will see outstanding results and we guarantee that you will be satisfied.


Why should I get a deep clean?

A deep clean sees your car being treated inside and out. The benefits of the exterior clean may appear obvious in that your car is certainly going to be looking much more attractive. Beyond the obvious aesthetics, the exterior also benefits from the added protection brought to the paintwork by the first stage of our deep clean – the multi-stage wash. Then we get to why the inside of your car matters too.

We spend a great deal of time in our cars and that makes them breeding grounds for bacteria. Areas such as the steering wheel, gear stick, and switches are no doubt crawling with germs. So, while we can confidently say that a deep clean transforms the interior of your car, it may protect your health too. That aside, travelling in a deep cleaned car makes the experience much more pleasurable and that is the way that driving should be.


Benefits of a deep clean

The benefits of having your car deep cleaned are many. For a start, the exterior of your car looks great and has been cleaned with methods that avoid damage. The methods also avoid swirls and watermarks which can detract from a great clean. As well as this, your car is likely to retain its value as it is properly cared for.
The interior of your car is just as important. Did you know that that collection of drinks bottles rolling around not only pose a risk by appearing under the peddles, they also cause wear and tear to the fibres of your carpet? Beyond what we can see, a thorough deep clean removes allergens and germs and make a journey that much more pleasant. You can give friends and family a lift anywhere and take pride in your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the deep clean service, your car is left gleaming inside and out. The exterior is treated to a multi-stage wash before we move on and perfect the interior too.

A study by Nottingham University found that cars contained the germs responsible for E-coli and Staphylococcus. We can’t say as a fact that it makes you ill, but surely a deep clean brings peace of mind.

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With the bodywork taken care of, it makes sense to complete the new look by addressing the headlights.


If you want to restore the appearance of your car’s paintwork then ceramic coating could well be the answer.

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