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If your car deserves the very best, and let’s be honest everyone’s does, the full enhancement detail is likely to be the service for you. Your car will see all of the benefits offered by our multi-stage wash and deep clean, but full enhancement detail goes that bit further to really treat your car.

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Full Enhancement Detail in Manchester

Roll back the clock and enhance the gloss, clarity and depth of your paintwork. We would recommend a ceramic coating to be paired with this detail.

This detail restores paint and removes 80% of surface imperfections such as micro-marring, swirl marks, scratches and hazing. This is achieved by skilled machine polishing while utilizing various pads and polishing compounds to archiving fantastic results.    


Before the full enhancement detail a meticulous multi-stage wash is done followed by a complete decontamination of the paintwork to remove all unwanted physical contaminates like

road tar, tree sap, iron oxide, acid stains, oils to name a few.

Vulpix Detailing would always advise ceramic coatings your vehicle after the full enhancement detail. We offer the best ceramic coatings that will last from 2 – 5 years plus depending on the level you want.

What is full enhancement detail?

Full enhancement detail is the Rolls Royce of car detailing. It provides the ultimate in treatments for your car and we can say that amazing transformations are possible. The treatments provided can see your car return to the showroom standard, and in some cases, it is even better than this. As well as giving your car the deepest clean possible, our service will protect your car too.

Full enhancement detail sees all the benefits of a multi-stage wash and deep clean, but there are extras that come in that make a real difference. We carry out engine bay decontamination as well as liquid contamination. The end result is that your car turns heads with an immaculately clean interior and an exterior that is literally head-turning.


What is our full enhancement detail process?

By taking a look at our other services, you can already see what is involved with our multi-stage wash and deep clean. With full enhancement detail, your car will undergo these treatments but these will be accompanied by:

The full enhancement detail service is carried out with the care and respect that your car deserves. We combine our expertise with the very best products and equipment to ensure that your car is finished to a standard that will amaze.

Why should I get full enhancement detail?

This isn’t a question that we hear very often. We are sure that you are like our existing customers and that you want the very best for your car. Full enhancement detail is what delivers this. It will bring your car up to a standard that perhaps you have never even seen for yourself.

What full enhancement detail isn’t is a basic wash or valet. While these services can provide a cleaner look to your car, full enhancement detail goes further. As well as producing results that are visually outstanding, the whole process is carried out in such a way as to protect your car. Second, to only our homes, cars are often the most expensive asset that we ever own. Anything that we invest in deserves caring for and our cars are the same. Full enhancement detail is the ultimate in that care.


Benefits of full enhancement detail

The most obvious benefit brought by full enhancement detail is that your car is going to look pretty amazing. The exterior will shine and it will have an ultra-slick showroom finish. The interior will have benefited too. With a full steam clean, your upholstery will be returned to a condition that you have long forgotten about. This all leads to a better driving experience for you.

As well as a better driving experience, full enhancement detail also protects your car and helps it to hold its value. The full transformations that we achieve could even see you increasing the value. For us though, the main benefit of full enhancement detail is that you can drive in a car that makes you feel proud while you know that it is looking its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to offer a convenient service, but that doesn’t mean that we rush. We like to treat your car with the respect that it deserves and this means carrying out a thorough job. Although each car may vary.

When it comes to products used during the full enhancement detail service, you can be assured that these are only the very best. If you would like to see exactly what is used, please feel free to ask before we start.

Additional Detailing Services

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engine bay decontamination is a great finishing touch and one that has a whole host of benefits.



With the bodywork taken care of, it makes sense to complete the new look by addressing the headlights.


If you want to restore the appearance of your car’s paintwork then ceramic coating could well be the answer.

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